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Entry #3

New Flash Idea

2009-11-26 14:22:31 by link3740

I will copy all post from one site to the next but I am gonna start using deviantart for more thinks as of now. my metal gear collab I'm working will probably be out on time (summer-ish). I came up with one other idea though. I thought the show deadliest warrior can't work with video game characters because they are not real. however, animating them will work so i will have polls up for the episodes and when i get bored i'll check and script a fight between two fictional characters from just about anything. They'll fight cause i think there is something similar between them like a flash vs sonic because of speed. polls will be up for episodes and will have a location for each battle. the polls could read at the top "Sonic vs Flash in A Generic Field." all polls will be up as soon as you read this. if you're reading this on newgrounds here is my page:
get voting!


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